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Fire Engineering

Fire engineering

What is meant by fire engineering?

‘Fire engineering’ is a term used to describe a wholly different approach to building design that prioritises an exceedingly high level of safety and fire prevention – well above and beyond simple compliance with the usual design documents or regulations. At Acufire our objective is to integrate highly customised fire engineering solutions so that a superior standard of safety is achieved. Fire engineering involves a host of engineering techniques aimed at minimising the damaging effect of fire on a structure. The goal is to realise impressive cost efficiencies and all-round resilience.

Fire engineering often focuses on both life safety and business continuity. Working with fire safety professional bodies and companies such as building control, fire safety officers, architects, building service engineers, structural engineers, national heritage, etc. we develop innovative solutions that can improve the safety of staff on site and can reduce the cost or impact of fire to the business.

We know that every project is different. That’s why you need personalised solutions.

Why is fire engineering important?

Fire engineering can be an attractive option due to the sometimes restrictive nature of established fire safety design guides (Approved Document B or NFPA 101, for example). That’s especially true when it comes to more off-the-wall or innovative architectural forms. Unusual construction projects that follow these standard guides in a piecemeal fashion have often resulted in awkward designs that failed to meet client expectations, as well as spiraling costs or other unnecessary waste. Our fire engineering solutions are designed to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Our fire engineering solutions

These range from quick identification of possible fire issues at Stage 0 (Strategic Definition), to the cultivation of detailed Fire Safety Strategies. Acufire offers consulting services relating to all aspects of design specification, with strong engineering support throughout the entire process. With our tailored fire engineering solutions provided as part of your new build or renovation project, Acufire can ensure that the most challenging design brief is satisfied without making any compromises on safety, risking any damage to structures, and while maintaining business continuity.

If you’re working on a project that you think could benefit from the guidance of fire engineering experts at Acufire – or you simply need advice on how best to tackle a specific fire safety issue – please get in touch with us today.

We provide assistance at all RIBA stages.

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