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AcuFireUK Ltd is a responsible company and gives high priority to the protection of the environment in all areas of its business

As part of that commitment, we aim to exemplify best industry practice and to develop our environmental program for improved performance in line with the principles established by the International Environment Management Standards. The Company is accountable for implementing the AcuFireUK Environmental and Sustainability Policy and ensuring the environmental impacts of its business activities, products and services are understood and minimized and offset


  • 1) To promote and adopt best practice within our Company and encourage environmental responsibility among our employees.
  • 2) To integrate and develop & continually improve the Company in a sustainable manner reducing Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.
  • 3) To keep the Company informed on matters of the environment
  • 4) Conduct our operations in a manner that is committed to recycling, conservation of resources, active remediation of environmental contamination, and prevention of pollution
  • 5) Inform Suppliers, Partners and Contractors of our environmental expectations and encourage them to adopt sound environmental management practices which will continually improve year on year
  • 6) Encourage the use of public transport where practical. Reducing dependency on car use and where possible when using Taxis use the green option (Electric vehicle).
  • 7) In addition to reducing travel where practical The Company will offset any transport emissions for car, plane, train, bus via our scope 3 emissions calculator.
  • 8) Working with our Suppliers and Contractors to ensure the best use of resources and minimize the environmental impact of their goods and supplies.
  • 9) Developing awareness of our Staff of the impact they have on the environment and help them to minimize this impact.
  • 10) Electronically send documents where possible to reduce pollution
  • 11) Have awareness on print production in relation to having multiple hard copies, retaining external literature to a minimum
  • 12) Recycle paper, documents, and literature. Minimize waste generation and facilitate repair, reuse and recycling over disposal of wastes.
  • 13) Develop a sustainable procurement policy to ensure social, ethical and environmental scrutiny of products and services, whilst achieving best value.
  • 14) Maximize energy efficiency, use of renewable resources and use of low carbon technology

AcufireUK will promote Tree Planting and other initiatives to ensure the path to climate positive is efficient and to continually improve.

Trees are purchased trough

The Company has offset any previous legacy scope 1-3 emissions from 2018 to 2022 by tree planting, this was completed May 2022

The Company will add a 0.4% overhead onto quoted works as a voluntary Carbon Offset charge which is used via to plant trees and offset emissions for that individual job, bought quarterly.

The Company will benchmark itself against other similar companies using TCO2e/£10K turnover as an index.
To target >2.51 by 2023 and >1.0 by 2025.

We will monitor progress on all targets Quarterly. See Carbon footprint tracker below.

In addition to reduce emissions The Company will promote actions to be climate positive in a staged manner fulfilling the below by 2026

Carbon Footprint Status

Baseline year Apr 2018 to Mar 2019

Carbon reduction

Carbon offset

Offset achieved through 5000 trees bought via – May 2022
Creates offset of cumulative scope 1-3 emissions until Sept 2025 against current estimates.
Hence AcuFireUK is carbon neutral until Sept 2025.
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