Risk management 

The identification, assessment and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events

This service is aimed at supporting the responsible person for Fire to ensure that a number of key fire risk management activities are done correctly and are being managed.  

We can deliver all aspects of fire risk management including Fire Risk Assessment, Training, Evacuation plans, Evacuation procedures, Building Fire Safety plans.  Through our partner companies we can also offer a range of testing and maintenance activities on fire detection, alarm, electrical testing, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems,  kitchen fire safety equipment, fire compartmentation and design.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2007 (RRFSO 2007) deem that the "Responsible Person" must ensure that a fire risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person. In order to provide and maintain adequate fire precautions and safeguard those who use the workplace and to provide information, instruction and training to employees about the fire procautions in the workplace.

Thus there is a firm responsibility under law for businesses to carry out Fire Risk Assessments. These involve assessing the risk and probability of a fire and its consequences and then implementing the appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce these risks.

Our dedicated experienced Fire Risk Assessors will view your premises and undertake a comprehensive professional evaluation, looking at all areas of fire safety and risk in detail. This would include:

•             The age & condition of the property

•             People at risk

•             Potential fire safety hazards and risk, ignition sources & combustible materials

•             Fire prevention & management procedures

•             Fire safety signage

•             Fire safety provisions & maintenance

•             Fire safety training & drills evaluation

•             Means of escape in the event of fire

•             Recommended actions


Once completed our team and network of associates and partner companies can manage any significant findings and advise on any recommendations arising from the Risk Assessment.

The RRFSO 2007 also states that the fire risk assessment should be regularly reviewed and must be reviewed if there is any material change to the workplace or facility.  We will organise with you to conduct a regular review and liase on any material changes.  We will also keep you abreast of any changes in regulation.

To contact us please Email us at Information@Acufire.co.uk

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