Risk management 

The identification, assessment and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events

We specialise in complex buildings with multiple responsible persons for fire.  This includes aviation, rail, large commercial buildings, shopping centres and major construction projects.  We offer services across three aspects of fire risk management. 

Building FIRE Risk management Services

This service is aimed at supporting the responsible person for Fire to ensure that a number of key fire risk management activities are done correctly and are being managed.  

We can deliver all aspects of fire risk management including Fire Risk Assessment, Training, Evacuation plans, Evacuation procedures, Building Fire Safety plans.  Through our partner companies we can also offer a range of testing and maintenance activities on fire detection, alarm, electrical testing, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems,  kitchen fire safety equipment, fire compartmentation and design.  For more information click here

Construction Fire Risk Management Services

Supporting Construction through compliance with all Fire related aspects of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

Our team of experienced Construction Risk Management professionals can support all Fire related aspects of this regulation.  Ensuring all appropriate risk measures are considered and full compliance is maintained for the Health and Safety file and its filing with the HSE.  This service can include Construction Fire Risk Assessment, Toolbox talks & Training, evacuation plans, Evacuation procedures and Construction Fire Safety plans. For more information click here

Bespoke Fire Risk Management

The world of Fire Risk management often presents us with specific fire related problems.  We pride ourselves on developing bespoke solutions to complex fire risk management problems.

Through a balanced mix of risk management, evaluation of the specific situation, operational and construction experience we develop clear impact analysis of fire risk.  Thus allowing us to truly understand the constraints of each Fire Risk challenge.  From diverting large fire mains to maintaining fire detection and protection throughout invasive works we can develop a solution to effectively manage risk to get the job done.  

For more information click here

We develop our solutions around the specific needs of our clients.  Whether you're looking for a full managed service or a single fire risk solution, we can tailor our services to suit you.  For more information look at our Commercial Models page.  Alternatively contact us to discuss your specific needs.

To contact us please Email us at Information@Acufire.co.uk

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We specialise in all aspects of building and construction Fire Risk Management, including Fire Training, CDM Fire Support, Fire Detection, Fire Alarms, Sprinklers, Kitchen Fire equipment, Fire Extinguishers and Bespoke Fire Risk management. We specialise in complex buildings and Aviation across the UK.
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